Player Information

Timings: arrive on the designated time at PAINTBALLISTICS.

Clothing: wear loose fitting clothing and outdoor shoes with good ankle support. We recommend the use of scarves and gloves. Even though the paint does not stain clothing and is washable we recommend a change of clothing and shoes as you will get dirty during the game and in winter, wet. Chest protectors will be provided for females. Groin guards may be purchased on the day for $10 each (subject to availability), or bring your own.

Facilities: there is a toilet situated near the field. Water is available from our rainwater tanks and is free. Please make sure you bring your own water bottles.

Wet Weather: adds to the fun and challenge, making the game of paintballing engaging for all to enjoy. Please bring a raincoat.

Safety: is a priority and stressed throughout the games. Goggles are to be worn at all times unless in designated safe areas. All paintball markers have their barrels sealed with a plastic plug and are stored in a rack outside safety areas.

Referees on the field enforce safety and game rules. No physical contact is permitted in the game and players will be ejected from games for breaking safety rules.

Strictly no alcohol or drug taking before and during games will be permitted.

Tips & Techniques: in general Paintball is a sport that you win by making and taking advantage of opportunities. The way you make opportunities is to move.

You move:
  • • behind an obstacle
  • • to a better spot
  • • to grab a flag
  • • to cover a team mate

Movement comparatively, is more important than shooting.

Shooting: remember to aim.

Know the Rest of your Team they are your backup.

Getting Tagged: yes it does sting but the bruising will fade.

If you are unsure of anything or need help ask a referee: their aim is for you to have a wonderful action packed day.